We have offered swimming pool building services and maintenance since 1984, including outdoor swimming pools and spas. We design, construct and provide servicing of swimming pools and spas for both private and commercial clients. We understand that our work must have less impact on the environment and therefore it is now our intention to design more efficient control systems which use less energy for all swimming pool installations.


About Us

01Design and Build

Design and Build Concrete Swimming Pool, Fibreglass Swimming Pool, Wading Pool, Spa, Jacuzzi. Koi ponds, Waterfalls, Water gardens and Biological filtration system. M&E Filtration and Circulation system and upgrading works. Landscape, Softscape, Hardscape, Gazebos, Trellis, Pergolas, Fitness Corners, Playground, and upgrading works.


Provide maintenance for swimming pools, fountains, ponds,etc for Hotels, Country Clubs, Condominiums, Private Apartments, Residential and Commercial Areas. Provide Landscape routine maintenance services for Hotels, Country Clubs, Condominiums, Private Apartments, Residential and Commercial Areas on both large and small scales. Provide Landscape routine float team services for grass cutting, plants pruning, garden improvement works and other general maintenance duties.

03Other services

We provide made-to-order swimming pool tiles, mosaic art tiles and installation services. We can provide BEAUTIFUL mosaic tile art design for swimming pool floor, also applicable to wall. We also retail and supply of swimming pool cleaning and maintenance equipment, water treatment chemicals e.g. filtration and Circulation Equipment, Accessories, etc. We provide consultancy on swimming pool, water features and landscaping. Retail and supply plants on small and large quantities, decorative feature jars, spouts, pots, etc.